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Crack crossover from hell

So I'm out of my head with concern for my sick dog, I can't write, and I decided to watch Crime and Punishment (the 2002 BBC version).

Raskolnikov (played by John Simm) is greeted exuberantly by his mum and sister, while Razhumikin (played by Shaun Dingwall) looks on. Raskolnikov tells them to go away, and Razhumikin tries gently to help get them out of the flat. He says, quote "He needs the Doctor more than he needs you." Which begs the question, where is the Doctor Who/Life on Mars/Crime and Punishment crossover that desperately needs to be written?

(What? Sam Tyler was only named Sam Tyler after Rose Tyler in DW. Sam and Pete (Shaun Dingwall) could totally have been cousins. And been flung back in time because Sam's secretly the Master. IT COULD HAPPEN.)

Did I mention I was out of my head?
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Who/whatever's looking out for me up there, thank you.

I just pulled an all nighter last night to try to pull together a half assed presentation about the Festival of Britain. It is truly made of some pretty potent bullshit. (Granted, it doesn't come close to the horror of this piece, but still. It's principle.) Nevertheless, I finish it and I'm ready to go.

1) We had to fill out 2 surveys before signing in. (30 minutes)

2) Ian presented first. Not normally a bad thing because I'm usually awake for the first lecture and I like to hear him talk (He sounds like the ninth doctor.), but the student group usually presents first, then Ian. Score one for me. (1.5 hours)

3) You know how you always wished a fire alarm would go off before a test in elementary school? Truth be told, I usually lucked out with tests and accidental fire alarms. I lucked out today too. Right at the beginning of the group presentation, the fire alarm went off. Cue an entire minute of everyone standing around going, "What's that? Fire alarm? What? Oh, all right." We're on the 8th floor. At the rate we were moving, we would all have gone up in the imaginary inferno. (10 minutes)

4) It took half an hour. Half an hour of standing around in the lovely sunshine with the delicious breeze. (30 minutes)

5) By the time we walked all the way back up those 8 stories (wheezewheezewheeze) there were 15 minutes left. Ian wanted to keep us all in and have the group discussion but one of the girls in the group had gone to look for her cat (I don't know either) and most of the class had work at 1.

Teal deer: I stayed up late for nothing AND I got to come home early. I've not been as happy in a week.
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Slip of a Freudian Nature

[19:45] Me: there are tonnes of bugs out though
[19:45] Me: and that's kind of annoying
[19:45] My mom: What kind of bugs do they have in England?
[19:46] My mom: Mosquitoes that drink blood with their pinkies extended?
[19:46] Me: the kind that are tiny and swarm together so you wank into them and go 'eww face full of bugs'
[19:46] Me: er
[19:46] Me: WALK into them

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A very learn'ed evening

  1. So I finally found 1066 and All That after months and months of searching. The history geek in me is chuffed a bit, point in case: "Julius Caesar was therefore compelled to invade Britain again the following year (54 B.C., not 56, owing to the peculiar Roman method of counting), and having defeated the Ancient Britons by unfair means, such as battering-rams, tortoises, hippocausts, centipedes, axes, and bundles, set the memorable Latin sentence, 'Veni, Vidi, Vici', which the Romans, who were all very well educated, construed correctly.

    "The Britons, however, who of course still used the old pronunciation, understanding him to have called them 'Weeny, Weedy, and Weaky', lost heart and gave up the struggle, thinking that he had already divided them All into Three Parts."

  2. Duck is tasty. Duck is really tasty.

  3. I've been learning about the Nitrogen Cycle, and not even for school. It's like adult Schoolhouse Rock. "Then an animal ate some of the tree's leaves for protein/ To survive, until it died, boo hoo/ And decomposed into ammonia, the nitrites, the nitrates/ But a little bit of it turned back into nitrogen gas by denitrifying bacteria for the sake of balance..."

  4. I appear to have created a new character for a game who is a pirate--yes, the "Arrr, shiver me timbers" kind--in an urban environment and also happens to be a wereparrot. I love being weird. (His name is Edmund.)

*is a nerd*